Harrison Hochman
Stanford University (B.S. & M.S.)
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About Harrison Hochman

Harrison Hochman is a dynamic and accomplished young entrepreneur, known for his exceptional leadership skills and vision for the future. As the co-founder and CEO of Sparrow, he helped establish the company in his parents’ backyard at just 20 years old, bringing a fresh perspective to the student lending landscape.

With a passion for making education accessible and affordable to all, Harrison’s leadership and innovative approach have helped Sparrow emerge as a leading student lending infrastructure platform. Recognized as one of eleven young global leaders in STEM, Environmental, and Societal Sustainability by the esteemed Straubel Foundation, he has gained acclaim for his groundbreaking work in the field.

As a Forbes 30 Under 30 lister in the Education category, Harrison’s dedication to simplicity, choice, and transparency is at the heart of Sparrow’s customer-centric approach. With a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Stanford University, he has leveraged his educational background to fuel his entrepreneurial vision and lead by example.

Harrison’s impact extends beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits. As a mentor and role model, he inspires and guides aspiring young entrepreneurs, sharing his expertise and experiences. With a focus on innovation and growth, Harrison is transforming the student lending landscape, empowering borrowers of all types to achieve their dreams while shaping a better future for education and sustainability.

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