About Sparrow

Our mission is to make education accessible and affordable for all

Sparrow is a technology company that builds financial software to power equitable lending. Borrowers rely upon Sparrow to find the most affordable student loan. Businesses build upon Sparrow’s platform to offer their users access to student loans.

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Fast facts

Last year, Sparrow facilitated the search of over $310 million in student loan volume.
Every year, Sparrow finds borrowers over 2 million pre-qualified student loan rates.
Borrowers from over 8,000 schools can use Sparrow to find the best private student loan.
Sparrow began with three co-founders, all of whom were students during the company’s founding.

Our why

We believe in the American Dream. We believe that anyone, regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into, should attain their own version of success in a society in which upward mobility is possible for everyone.

Achieving that Dream is impossible without education. Education inspires, encourages, and empowers. But today, the price of that education is a non-starter for the majority of students.

We believe that there ought to be another way, a world in which education is accessible and affordable for all.

At the core of this vision is a financial engine which helps borrowers find affordable financing. An engine that simplifies the lending process, provides maximum liquidity, and personalizes services to each borrower. That engine is Sparrow.

Our values

Community First

Our unwavering commitment is to you, our community.

Never Finished

Your needs are changing and so our product’s always improving.

Earn Trust

Your trust is earned day after day, never taken for granted.

Be Decent

We respect others, have humility, and embrace diversity.

Total Transparency

We make it our business to create simple, open financial processes.

Strict Accountability

We take extreme ownership (and pride) in what we do.

Single Focus

We do one thing, but we do it really, really well.

Always 10X

If it’s not 10X better, then it’s not Sparrow.

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